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World Scout Jamboree 2011

Edition 1 - January 2009


Hello and welcome to the second edition of
Aktuellt, the e-newsletter about the 22nd World Scout Jamboree Sweden 2011.

We know it¿s been a while since our last newsletter came out. A lot has happened here in the Jamboree Office, and our teams have been both out and about and working hard here in Sweden, kicking off our preparations and getting down to the hard work of making our dream of a World Scout Jamboree into a reality.

The Jamboree Team were present at the World Scout Conference, held this July in Korea. We had a fabulous reception from all of the national delegations there. We met with each country¿s representatives individually, and we shared the Jamboree Information Kit with them. This
contains information for Contingent Leaders,
including the first Jamboree Bulletin and the
Design Guidelines.

If you are interested in
marketing or promotions for the World Scout Jamboree 2011 in your country, contact your National Headquarters, and ask who is managing your National Contingent. They should have a CD with all our logos and pictures and other promotional templates that you can use to spread the word.
2008 has brought us many new team members, and the Jamboree Planning Team now has people working on many different tasks in different areas of the preparations. As the team grows, it becomes more and more important for us to keep in touch. There are different communications channels coming online almost each month at the moment! If you are starting to organise a Contingent in your country, make sure you are registered with your National Headquarters and with the Jamboree Office, so you get all our Contingent communications.

Our website is still our primary channel for all of our communications. As our preparations move on, we will have more and more information to share with you all through the website. Don¿t forget to take a look there every so often!
From all of us here in the growing Jamboree Team, all the best for 2009 and we look forward to working with you all to organise this Jamboree!

Yours in Scouting

The World Scout Jamboree 2011 team

Who we are

Now that the Jamboree Planning Team is slowly building up, we thought we would take this opportunity to tell you a little about our organisation.

Responsibility for the 22nd World Scout
Jamboree Sweden 2011 lies with the Jamboree Executive Team. This team of eight dedicated Scout volunteers has a huge amount of experience in international Scouting and big Scout camps. Coming from all over Sweden (and with even one member from Denmark), the J.E.T., as we call them, are responsible for overseeing the Jamboree Organisation, for the strategic planning, keeping our preparations on track, and ensuring that the whole event reflects our theme: Simply Scouting.

The Jamboree Executive Team has delegated responsibility for different areas of the preparations to 14 Departments. These Departments will each have teams of volunteer Scouts working
to prepare and deliver a different part of the Jamboree.

The whole volunteer structure is supported by a small group of employees in the Jamboree Office.

Spotlight on the Chairman of the Jamboree Executive Team

This edition our spotlight is on Marie Tallberg, the Chairman
of the Jamboree Executive Team. Among many other projects within Scouting, Marie was Director of Programme for the
Swedish National Jamboree 2007.

Marie Tallberg

in Linköping with my fiancé Erik.

Favourite food:
Indian food, Panak paneer
with nan bread I just love it!

Favourite holiday:
Kayaking on a warm summer’s day in the
Stockholm archipelago, or enjoying the area around my family’s summer house just a few kilometres south of the camp site.

Travelling! Skiing, hiking, cooking good food, and
springtime when everything becomes green and full of life.

Spiders, that we don’t take care of our planet and
environment in a good way, any form of misuse of power.

When not busy preparing for the World Scout Jamboree 2011, I spend my time:
studying Human Resource Management and being a spinning instructor.

Best part of the job that’s happening right now: More and more people are getting involved and that gives a lot of energy to the organisation.

Most looking forward to at the World Scout Jamboree 2011:
Seeing all different cultures meet in the daily life in the sub camps, cooking food together, playing games, trying to understand each other without the same language. Finding new friends from all around the world!

Simply Scouting:

The 22nd World Scout Jamboree Sweden 2011
is Simply Scouting.

  • The World Scout Jamboree is a place for
    Scouting in all its variety, from all across
    the world.

  • The World Scout Jamboree presents an
    exceptional programme, with a wide range
    of activities and opportunities for all.

  • The World Scout Jamboree is modern. Scouts
    can learn about ways to deal with issues facing
    young people today. Scouts will leave with new
    tools to take action in their local and wider

  • The World Scout Jamboree focuses on imple-
    menting the Scout method. The values and
    processes that make Scouting what it is can
    be experienced and considered together.

  • The World Scout Jamboree is Simply
    Scouting. All across the camp, through
    scheduled activities and through everyday life,
    Scouts develop new skills and meet, connect
    and work towards international understanding.

  • The World Scout Jamboree is inspiring and
    contributes to the development of the Scout

Attending the Jamboree:

Participants and unit leaders

Participants at World Scout Jamborees are young people aged between 14 and 17 years old. To be a participant at the 22nd World Scout Jamboree Sweden 2011, you must have been born between 25 July 1993 and 27 July 1997.

Participants at the World Scout Jamboree should be in patrols of nine young people, with one accompanying leader. There are four patrols in each Scout unit ¿ so 36 young people with 4 leaders. If your Contingent does not have enough patrols to form a complete unit, you will be joined with patrols from other countries to form a unit.

International Service Team

An estimated 8 000 staff are needed to run the Jamboree, and these will come from countries all around the world. Being a staff member is an exciting opportunity where you can make a contribution to the young people of the world today.

The International Service Team (IST) will be open to active Scouts aged 18 or over at the start of the Jamboree (born on or before the 24 July 1993). Members of the IST should be able to speak English and/or French and be prepared to take on any task needed to create the Jamboree. IST must arrive on site 25 July 2011 and can leave 8 August 2011.

How do I apply?

Scouts who want to attend the Jamboree as participants or members of the International Service Team need to register with their National Contingent. Our first Bulletin has now gone out to National Scout Organizations, and many Contingents are now starting their preparations. Look out for information coming from your National Headquarters, or contact the International Commissioner in your country for more information.

If you are putting together a National Contingent, please make sure you have registered your details with the Jamboree Office. As soon as we have information about any National Contingent websites, we will link to them from our website.

The Planning Team in Sweden is already working hard on preparations for the Jamboree. There will be opportunities for international Scouts to get involved in the Planning Team. These will be advertised on our website. All international applicants for the Jamboree Planning Team must have a letter of recommendation written and endorsed by the International Commissioner from their National Scout Organization or their Head of Contingent for the World Scout Jamboree 2011.

Web shop

The 22nd World Scout Jamboree now has a web shop where you can buy our stylish and practical clothing, badges and equipment. This first collection includes t-shirts, sweaters, soft-shell jackets, daypacks, badges and many other items.

The outdoor garments are all manufactured by Haglöfs, a quality Swedish outdoor clothing brand.

The web shop can be found at:

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to come to the Jamboree. What should I be doing NOW?

We are already receiving emails from people who are looking forward to coming to the 2011 World Scout Jamboree. But just now, it is a bit early to be sending in an official application.

As an individual, you will need to register for the World Scout Jamboree with your National Contingent. What you can do now, is to find out how your Scout Association makes information about international events available. Maybe they have a website or a newsletter for which you can register. Then you will know as soon as there is any information about your National contingent, and their timetable for registration.

The other thing to start thinking about is raising the fees. There are lots of ways to raise money to help pay for this event. Why not get a group of friends together, and start brainstorming your ideas?

How much does it cost?

When it comes to a World Scout Jamboree, all the participants and staff members join the Jamboree as part of a National Contingent. All the Scouts who come from one country must be registered together, by the Contingent Management Team for that country.

Most Contingents put together a package for their Scouts. Each country decides for themselves how the package will look, but they often include transport, insurance, and some Contingent badges. The Jamboree fee for that country will include the whole package.

So the cost for the World Scout Jamboree is different for Scouts from different countries. To find out how much it will cost for Scouts from your country, contact the National Headquarters for your Association, who should be able to help you.

I am a Guide. Can I come to the World Scout Jamboree?

We have received quite a few emails from Girl Scouts or Girl Guides who would like to come to the World Scout Jamboree. The World Scout Jamboree is an official event of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). As such, the Jamboree is officially open to all members of organizations that are registered with WOSM. To see if your Scout or Guide Organization is registered with WOSM, check here:

If your Guide or Scout Organization is not on that list, you may still be able to join the Jamboree. Your organization will need to ask the WOSM Organization in your country if they can join the WOSM Contingent. This is decided on a case by case basis in each country.

Contact the National Headquarters for your own Organization, and ask them if they have an agreement with the WOSM Organization in your country to join the Jamboree.

The logo for the 22nd World Scout Jamboree Sweden 2011

In our last newsletter, we didn¿t give you any interpretation for our last


When it was designed, this was to be a unicycle. (We reasoned that there are normally a lot of bicycles around at a large Jamboree, but we couldn¿t fit a two wheeled bicycle into the pictogram bubble¿). Of course, like all our pictograms, it is open to individual interpretation. What do you think it could be?
Email your suggestions, with your name and which Scout Organisation you come from, to, and we¿ll publish those we like best on our website.

Calendar Dates to Remember


July Webshop open:


first week
14th Africa Scout Conference Botswana
October 17-18 52nd Jamboree on the Air &
13th Jamboreee on the Internet Worldwide
Oct 27 ¿ Nov 1 23rd Asia-Pacific Scout Conference Malaysia


4th Eurasia Scout Conference Moldova
24th Interamerican Scout Conference Panama
January 26th Arab Scout Conference Sudan
July 17-21 13th European Scout and Guide Conference Belgium
27 July - 7 August 13th World Scout Moot Kenya
October 16-17 52nd Jamboree on the Air &
13th Jamboreee on the Internet Worldwide


January 3-6 11th World Scout Youth Forum Brazil
January 10-14 39th World Scout Conference Brazil
27 July - 7 August 22nd World Scout Jamboree Sweden
25 July - 8 August World Scout Jamboree for IST Sweden

Simple Swedish

Would you like to start learning some basic Swedish words? Here are a few for you to try:


Snälla [Snella] or Vänligen [Venliggen]

Thank you

Tack [Tack]

Pleased to meet you

Trevligt att träffas [trev-ligt at tref-fass]

I come from

Jag kommer från [Yaag kommer fron]

You can find a list of different countries in
Swedish here:

Scouts in Sweden

Scouting has been an active and respected part of Swedish society for almost a hundred years. Every third person of Sweden¿s nine million citizens
is or has been a scout! Today there are almost
100 000 Scouts in Sweden.

There are five Scout Associations in Sweden. Having Scout Associations with different profiles makes it easier for the Swedish Scouts to reach out to specific groups of people in society. Although the Associations differ some in their interests, they organise many events together. They are all actively involved in the preparation for the World Scout Jamboree.

Swedish Scouts have experience with running large-scale camps. The previous National Swedish Jamborees have gathered between 20 000 and
26 000 people.
Swedish Scouts have strong links to the other Nordic Countries, where we cooperate and share many activities and Scout initiatives. Sweden is an active participant in regional activities throughout Europe, and has strong project links with several countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Arab region.

The five Scout Associations in Sweden are:

  • The Swedish Guide and Scout Association

  • The Guide and Scout Organization of the Mission Covenant Youth of Sweden

  • The Swedish YMCA-YWCA Guide and Scout Association

  • The Swedish Temperance Guide and Scout Association

  • The Salvation Army Guide and Scout Association

More information

For more information keep an eye on our website

The Swedish Guide and Scout Council - Box 12 280 - 102 27 Stockholm

Tel: +46 (0)8-672 66 00 - Fax: +46 (0)8-672 66 01


World Scout Jamboree 2011

Edition 1 - January 2008


Version Française

Pour la version française de "Aktuellt", claquer ici pour télécharger le fichier PDF.


Hallo and welcome to the first edition of our World Scout Jamboree Sweden 2011 newsletter.
We’ve called our newsletter “Aktuellt”, which means “current” or “up-to-date” in Swedish.

It’s been an amazing summer. The celebrations for the Centenary of Scouting have been fantastic.
The pictures we have seen and the events we have experienced have been exciting, exhilarating and have made us feel close to our brother and sister Scouts all around the world.

Here in Sweden we held the second National Swedish Scout Jamboree, Jiingijamborii, with 20.000 participants. After that many of us travelled to the United Kingdom (UK) for the 21st World
Scout Jamboree at Hylands Park. We’d like to congratulate the Scout Association UK for a wonderful event, and for bringing so many Scouts from so many countries together.

Back in Sweden, our World Scout Jamboree 2011 team has gathered together all the information and pictures we took in the United Kingdom. We also have a great deal of information from our national jamboree which we will evaluate and learn from in our preparations for this next event.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter, and don’t forget to check our website every now and again for any new information we have available.

Yours in Scouting

The World Scout Jamboree 2011 team

Inside this Edition

- Latest News

- Who we are

- The logotype

- Calendar


- About Sweden

- Simple Swedish

- More information

Aktuellt also has magazine-version in pdf-format. Click here to download.

Latest News

What’s happening just now

At the moment, the World Scout Jamboree Preparatory Team is setting out the framework for the event, and looking into the budget, the organisational structure, a draft programme outline, the marketing and communications plan, and infrastructure guidelines for the Jamboree. This team was established in late 2005, to work through to February 2008, for the early preparations for the Jamboree.

The Executive Team for the 22nd World Scout Jamboree will take over responsibility for the event in spring 2008 and they recruit the management teams and other members for the Planning Team throughout 2008.

Volunteers and staff from the Jamboree office have now visited each of the six Regional Scout Conferences held during 2007. We had a very warm welcome and greatly appreciated the chance to talk to so many Scouts and Leaders about the Jamboree. We have received many great suggestions for the Jamboree which we will be sharing with the Planning Team. We are starting to put together an information package with answers for many of your questions, to be distributed at the World Scout Conference in Korea next July.

Who we are

In this section of our newsletter, we would like to present the members of our team to you.

The Executive Team for the Jamboree has not yet taken up their roles, but there are some people who are already working on the Jamboree.

On the World Scout Jamboree Preparatory Team we have had:

Olle Alsén

Mikael Goldberg

Lasse Karlsson

Roger Karlsson

Inger Thrysin

In the Jamboree office, we have:

Kerstin Bergsten

Truls Ekelin

Göran Hägerdal

Helen Krabb

This edition, the spotlight is on the Executive Director: Göran Hägerdal.

Göran has been a scout since he was 8.
Executive Director Göran Hägerdal
He was on the committee for the 10th World Scout Moot and the Swedish National Jamborees in 2001 and 2007. Göran also as a volunteer for the World Scout Bureau spent a lot of time in Thailand supporting the 20th World Scout Jamboree. With all his experience, he is now our key professional for the 22nd World Scout Jamboree.

Göran lives in Stockholm, where he enjoys the food markets and great restaurants. Göran likes cooking and travels. He is also very keen on in depth philosophical discussions about Scouting and very fond of the orange Nordjamb anorak he was given this summer anorak (he was too young to attend but sees Nordjamb as one of the building stones for Sweden now hosting the 22nd World Scout Jamboree).

At the Jamboree he is most looking forward to “The feeling I’ll get when the first bus rolls in. That buzz that now it’s happening is hard to beat. These Scouts have chosen to come to Sweden for the World Scout Jamboree and travelled far to get here. And now it’s up to us to give them their experience of a lifetime!”

The logo for the 22nd World Scout Jamboree Sweden 2011

The logo for the 22nd World Scout Jamboree Sweden 2011 consists of the World Scout Emblem, with ten idea clouds or bubbles above and to the left. The idea bubbles represent key elements of the Jamboree in Sweden.

World Scout Jamborees have a lot of tents. The tent also represents the patrol and the subcamp, very important elements of the World Scout Jamboree.

The campfire is one of the most symbolic and most appreciated parts of Scout camps.

Scouts in Sweden often go camping in the forest. Our Jamboree site has small stands of trees, where Scouts can do activities or rest from the heat of the day. We will also be focusing on the natural environment and the tree represents nature.

At the World Scout Jamboree there are big events at the main stage and small stage events in subcamps where Scouts can be a star. There can be fireworks and there can be quiet times, when you can gaze at the stars above.

The dove represents peace. Promoting peace is one of the important elements of a World Scout Jamboree. The dove can also represent nature. At the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden each participant will have the chance to experience outdoor life in the Swedish environment.

The boat represents water activities. Many of the participants at the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden will be able to do water activities on the offsite programme called Camp in Camp.

The elk is one of the most symbolic of Swedish animals. Majestic and shy, yet still very well known, the elk antlers here represent the Swedish hosts for the World Jamboree and Swedish nature.

There is always music at a World Scout Jamboree. From official events in the main arena, to subcamp gatherings, to new friends gathered around a guitar; there is always music to share.

The candle represents quiet times, sharing solidarity with brother and sister scouts from around the world, exploring spirituality and lighting the way to new understanding.

Can you guess what this is? The answer will be in the next Jamboree Newsletter. Or maybe we’ll just leave you to give it your own interpretation!

Calendar – Dates to remember

2008 July7-1010th World Scout Youth ForumRepublic of Korea
2008 July14-1838th World Scout ConferenceRepublic of Korea
2011 January 3-611th World Scout Youth ForumBrazil
2011 January 10-1439th World Scout ConferenceBrazil
2011 July/August World Scout JamboreeSweden

We know our calendar seems a bit bare at this stage, but as soon as we have set any more important dates for the Jamboree, they will be added here.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I join the Jamboree?

It’s great that you are already thinking about applying to come to the World Scout Jamboree Sweden 2011. However, it is a bit too early to send in an application just yet.

To apply to join the World Scout Jamboree as a participant, unit leader, member of the Service Team or on a Contingent Management Team, you will need to apply to join the National Contingent in your country. We expect that most National Contingents will start to advertise the World Scout Jamboree in the second half of 2008 or during 2009. Keep an eye out in your national Scout newsletters and on your national website, if you have one. Another way to get news is to talk to the International Commissioner in your country, who will receive all the information we send out to National Scout Organisations.

As soon as National Contingents let us know about any national Jamboree Contingent websites that they have opened, we will put links to them up on our website.

Can I have some Jamboree marketing materials?

To help all countries with their internal marketing, we will have a profile package to distribute to National Scout Organisations at the World Scout Conference in Korea in July 2008.
Unfortunately we do not have the resources at this stage to send materials to individuals or to Scout Groups. If you would like to advertise the World Scout Jamboree locally, contact your National Headquarters after July 2008, and they should be able to help you with electronic materials that you can print yourself.

Can I buy Jamboree t-shirts or badges?

We plan to open our webshop in July 2008. There you will be able to buy Jamboree products including clothing, badges and other Jamboree profile products. Keep an eye out on our website, where we will link the webshop as soon as it is open.

About Sweden

The Kingdom of Sweden covers 449,964 sq km, of which 410,934 sq km are land
and 39,030 sq km are water.

This makes it similar in size to the countries Cameroon, Papua New Guinea, Uzbekistan and Morocco, and the state of California in the United States of America.

In Sweden, the people are Swedes, (who are Swedish) and they speak a language called Swedish.
Sweden has 9,031,088 human inhabitants, around 230,000 reindeer and over 300,000 elks. December to February in Sweden is winter, and usually there will be snow on the ground.

Simple Swedish

Would you like to start learning some basic Swedish words? Here are a few for you to try:


Hej! [hey]

My name is…

Jag heter… [yaag hetter]

I am a Scout

Jag är scout [yaag er scoot]

I am going to the Jamboree!

Jag ska till jamboreen! [Yaag scar till yam-bore-E-en]


Hej då [ hey doh]

More information


A good link for more information about Sweden is:

Next edition

Look out for the new edition of Aktuellt newsletter during spring 2008.

More information

For more information keep an eye on our website

The Swedish Guide and Scout Council - Box 12 280 - 102 27 Stockholm

Tel: +46 (0)8-672 66 00 - Fax: +46 (0)8-672 66 01


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scouts motto now includes sex education

The Scouts' famous motto of "be prepared" is being expanded to ensure young members know all about sex.

Under a set of new guidelines to be unveiled on Monday, scouts will be taught about contraception, pregnancy tests and what to do if they believe they are being forced to have sex.

Scouts will also be taken on visits to sexual health clinics and given free condoms on trips.

While the new measures have outraged some traditionalists, the Scout Association argues they will help members resist peer pressure to start having sex before they are ready.

"We must be realistic and accept that around a third of young people are sexually active before 16 and many more start relationships at 16 and 17," chief scout Peter Duncan said.

"Scouting touches members of every community, religious and social group in the country so adults in scouting have a duty to promote safe and responsible relationships and, as an organisation, we have the responsibility to provide sound advice about how to do that.

"There are about 400,000 scouts in Britain, 85 per cent of whom are boys.

But the new measures have alarmed some critics, who claim they will only encourage young scouts to have sex.

"This is not what parents expect of the Scout Association," Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe told The Daily Telegraph.

"They are sending their children off to a leisure activity, not for sex education.

"This is a matter for parents and they already find their role usurped by schools.

"Chairman of pressure group Parents Outloud Margaret Morrissey, chairman of pressure group, Parents Outloud accused the Scout Association of "trying to be politically correct".

"The last people you would expect to be making children sexually aware is the boy scouts," she told the Daily Mail.

"All the signs are that political correctness has got us in the situation we're in now where young people are trying to grow up too soon and can't cope with it.

"They're confused and do things they probably wouldn't have done if they hadn't had that information in the first place."

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, Monday, 20th October 2008

12th Jamboree On The Internet 2008

JOTA-JOTI 2008: The Secretary General’s Closing Message

Dear Friends,

Over the week end, over half-a-million of you have gatherered on the air, during the 51st JOTA, and via the Internet for the 12th JOTI. Once again, the Scout Movement has demonstrated its capability to open space for dialogue and mutual recognition, to young people of all nations, regardless of culture, religion or race. Through the adherence to its values and principles, the Movement has shown how it jumps over obstacles and barriers, at least geographical ones.

Empowering young people by using communication technology is an important step to learn how to explore the world. Innovative by nature, Scouting uses technologies to pursue its educational mission.

About 3000 Scouts played the World Scout Challenge to debate themes related to peace, environment and Rover Scouts. I encourage them to deepen this exploration - to “be prepared” to engage in their communities.

During two days, the World Scout Bureau operated from the Scouts of Geneva’s Centre, in Switzerland. My congratulations go to the organisers and I warmly thank you all the national coordinators and volunteers for the enthusiasm they put in going around the world in 48 hours.

Luc Panissod
Acting Secretary General
World Organization of the Scout Movement

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lagu Rasmi Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia

Lagu Rasmi Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia

Kami Pengakap Malaysia
Harapan nusa dan bangsa
Berikrar setia
Pada pertiwi tercinta

Melatih generasi muda
Menjadi insan yang berguna
Persetiaan pengakap
Teras dipegang bersama

Menolong orang setia masa
Menabur bakti di mana sahajaDemi Tuhan,
Raja dan negara

Berbudi, bersaudaraTaat,
menurut perintah
Kami bangga junjung cita-cita
Pengakap Malaysia

Kami bangga junjung cita-cita
Pengakap, Pengakap Malaysia


I don't think our school will have own joti camp and so on...

but as we are scout....

can always join from home if the person has internet...

go into click and register yourself...

they provide u certificate online... (PRINT YOURSELF IF WANT)

Then use the username to join JOTI

click here!

click here!

click here!

Just providing more information....=)

Prudence Ooi
Form 5
132nd Petaling